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We offer Stainless Steel Rods & Sheet in various dimensions, which enhance their applications. Our comprehensive range of Carbon Sheet is corrosion and heat resistant Sheets, which is used in various industries. We deal & supply, export & import and stock different kinds of Rods include square, hexagonal, wire and rectangle that are available in different grades. These Rods are principally used for the construction and reinforcement of sites. Industrial Stainless Steel Rods are unmatched and have the resistance to bear this Rod. We have also been providing Stainless Steel Rods to petrochemical industries where they require Rods that are not only strong but also rust resistant.


We supply various grade, thickness and width of Stainless Steel Sheets. Our unbeatable OEMs use latest technology to offer these Sheets in various finishes like 2B, BA, MATT, PVC MATT and several others. These Sheets are resistant to corrosion and are widely used in machine fabrication in various industries.